Automatic electric guns Assault rifles/Carbines

Battery Capacity [mAh] 1100

Battery included No

Battery Voltage [V] 9,6

Black Madness do 30%

Blow Back No

Colour Half-Tan

Gearbox version Modified v2 Gearbox

Hop-Up Yes, adjustable

Inner barrel length [mm] 363

Lenght [mm] 815 - 900

Made of ZnAl + steel + plastic

Magazine capacity [pcs] 300

Magazine type Hi-Cap magazine

Manufacturer Specna Arms

Name Carabiner Replica SA-B14 KeyMod 12 "

News FB Specna Arms

Propulsion / Powered by Electric

Quick Spring Change System TAK

Restock Restock


Type of fire Single, auto

Velocity [FPS] ~400 / ~310

Warranty 12 months

Weight [g] 2610




SA-B14 KeyMod 12” Assault Rifle Replica


SA-B14 assault rifle replica by Specna Arms is made largely from a uniform zinc and aluminium alloy, reinforced with steel elements in the most vulnerable points of the replica (steel elements - all the screws, pins and tactical sling swivels). Both the SF stock storing the battery and the pistol grip were made from polymer. The receiver of the replica has undergone the process of anodizing, which guarantees high degree of protection against corrosion. The paint was applied via a process of powder coating, after having the surface undergo the same process prior to the application of paint. This provides a much higher than usual resistance of the applied paint to abrasion. The receiver bears USMC markings.


The replica’s parts fit very well together - in a way that could be thus far noticed solely in replicas by such top-tier manufacturers as G&P or Classic Army, the replica is also perfectly balanced. This allows for almost ideal maneuverability of the replica and its weight is almost unnoticeable once the replica has been shouldered.


The replica features a quick spring release system, so-called Enter & Convert™. Due to that system it is possible to rapidly and quickly adapt the power of the replica to the conditions expected on the playing field without the necessity to have access to a workshop or a set of special tools - once the gearbox has been taken out of the replica’s body, the process of spring change lasts literally seconds.


The advantages of Enter & Convert™ system are hard to overstate. In the light of the current tendency in the whole Europe to use legal limitations regarding the muzzle velocity of replicas or internal regulations inside various groups, the system guarantees the user a varied set of possibilities and much freedom. Enter & Convert™ system allows with minimal amount of time change the main spring, thusly customize the muzzle velocity towards the area of the game in such a way so as to guarantee an ideal compromise between effectiveness of fire and safety for the user himself as well as other participants.


The replica is fully compatible with LiPo and LiFe batteries. Due to base muzzle velocity of ~420 FPS provided by the main spring installed by default by the manufacturer, the replica is perfect for operating on a medium range. The set also includes an M90 spring, which allows to reduce the muzzle velocity to ~320 FPS and as a result to adapt the replica for close-ranged and indoor operations.


A reinforced at the cylinder level gearbox contains a steel spring slide that is an element of Enter & Convert™ system and mounted on 8mm ball bearings and caps steel gears. The system is secured with four anti-reversal latches. A light, made from a polycarbonate polymer piston is equipped with a steel tooth in order to increase its durability. Also a type 2 cylinder and a steel circuit-breaker, as well as a metal Hop-Up chamber.


The replica is equipped with a 22 mm top RIS rail and an adjustable stock. The top RIS rail features metal flip-up iron sights, which can be freely detached in order to make room for the attachment of a chosen optoelectronic aiming device. Due to the extendable stock with an anti-slip stock pad it is possible to adapt the replica’s length to the body type and preferences of the user. Standard flash hider is based on 14 mm left-hand thread, which allows the attachment of a silencer in its place.


This model features a modular KeyMod forend 12” long. Dedicated segments, for instance, RIS rails (KeyMod nuts) can be attached to the KeyMod forend in any position or configuration due to holes placed around the grip (KeyMod slots).


This is an airsoft version of KeyMod grip, its size may differ from the original. We do not guarantee full compatibility of KeyMod grips with KeyMod dedicated accessories.


In order to enhance the realism of the game, the replica also features an operational bolt-catch mechanism.


The replica comes with a steel, 300 BB, Hi-Cap magazine. Its colour pattern is appropriate for magazines intended for live firearms typically used by armed forces.


Specna Arms replica are compatible with many magazines available on the market, from manufacturers like:


- Airsoft Systems,

- SRC,

- King Arms,

- MAG,


- ACM.


The set includes:


- replica

- magazine

- fixed iron sights

- additional main spring

- battery

- charger

- a set of KeyMod RIS rails

SA-B14 KeyMod 12” Assault Rifle Replica

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